Lump Around The Piercing?

Illustration of Lump Around The Piercing?
Illustration: Lump Around The Piercing?

I have been pierced in cartilage for 6 months. About 1 month ago, under my ear piercing the back of my ear came a lump that hurts when touched. Her earrings also often hurt when rocking. I tried to see a doctor and was given betadine to compress. But I have compressed it for 1 month, the lump has not disappeared. I have not removed the earrings for fear of imprinting. How to cure the lump?

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Related to complaints of a lump in the ear should be considered accompanied by some information related to how many days ago the lump appeared and how the development of any changes in shape, whether there is pus or discharge, what size of the lump, whether there is pain and itching that accompanies, is there a history similar, is there a history of other illnesses, is the closest person experienced the same thing, is there a history of trauma or injury to the skin area, is there a family history of malignancy. Based on complaints of several diseases that may be the cause, viz.

Bacterial-related skin infections (folliculitis / furuncle)
Virus infection
Tumors on the skin

Bacterial-related skin infections (folliculitis / furuncle) usually occur when bacteria enter the open skin and the immune system is weak, the form can be like boils or dry in the form of crust. The appearance of the skin is usually in the form of small spots measuring about 0.5 - 1 cm that are reddish in color and sometimes contain pus. Symptoms experienced are sometimes accompanied by itching, pain, and palpable heat on the skin area.

Viral infection is a condition when a virus enters a person's body, then attacks the body's cells and multiply. Some other viruses can be transmitted through touch on the liquid in the injured skin. The types of viruses that cause infections in the skin are numerous, including the virus Varicella-zoster, molluscum contagiosum, and human papillomavirus (HPV).

Tumors on the skin of the ear region are usually associated with some of the more severe symptoms that accompany the loss of hearing ability, difficulty moving the face of the ear infections constantly, nose bleeds and impaired vision. About 5% of skin cancers develop in the ear, and this is usually found on the outer skin. The appearance of a lump in the ear accompanied by rasasakit that does not heal within 4 weeks. Lumps in the ears appear pink with a hard, scaly surface, sometimes bleeding and pus. A bleeding wound or ulcers can be an early sign of ear cancer. Moles that show changes such as growth, itching, and bleeding must be examined. Tumors in the ear may be benign or malignant as in squamous cell cancer.

Some things you can do to avoid this are adalha

- Maintain cleanliness of the skin by cleaning it regularly
- Eat nutritious foods to boost the immune system
- If there is an infection in one place do not be scratched and exposed to another place

In conditions where there is no improvement within 3 to 5 days or the condition worsens further, further treatment should be carried out by establishing a diagnosis first by physical examination by a general practitioner or dermatologist.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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