Lump Below The Left Ear?

Illustration of Lump Below The Left Ear?
Illustration: Lump Below The Left Ear?

Hello wr.wb. and best wishes. my name is imu. 34 years old I want to ask? Doctor, I have a bump on my left ear, and it hurts a lot, and it develops a bump when my knee aches .. it has two bumps. It hurts so much, and makes me dizzy .. and also makes my body cool .. like I want to have a fever and can’t sleep … if I know … what is a lump? And how to cure it … I feel really scared. Please feel the solution. thanks. before. Thank you love wr.wb

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Hello warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, hello Bro. Imu Aza, thank you for consulting us on Basically in areas such as the face, neck, behind the ears, armpits and groin are areas that have lots of lymph nodes. This lymph functions in defending the body from foreign objects, viral or bacterial infections or the body's actions that occur outside the body's control / abnormal growth.

In the task of fighting with the source of infection, chemical compounds will usually result in the appearance of complaints such as fever, body ache, fatigue and lethargy. So if it is returned to your condition, it is possible that before the enlargement of the lymph nodes, the infection has entered the body and is opposed first by the body's defense system, in fulfilling the supply of the war against infection, the lymph nodes produce cells that function in the system body's defenses, so because the work is too heavy, then there are glands that swell or enlarge.

To determine whether the enlarged lymph nodes, or other clinical conditions such as abscesses or lipomas, we recommend that you consult with your doctor, so that you do an examination, when the cause is known, it will be easy to choose treatment. All you need to do now is not manipulate the lump like holding or squeezing it, take care of your health and condition by eating healthy and nutritious food, consuming lots of fluids or water, avoiding unhealthy foods, avoiding smoking or consuming alcohol. Thus we can say, if you want to raise another issue or still have a similar theme, you can consult with us again by creating new questions. thanks.

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