Lump In The Anus After Hemorrhoid Surgery Has Been 2 Weeks?

Illustration of Lump In The Anus After Hemorrhoid Surgery Has Been 2 Weeks?
Illustration: Lump In The Anus After Hemorrhoid Surgery Has Been 2 Weeks? Bing

After surgery external and internal hemorrhoids through binding. For those outside, cut. What I want to ask is, there is still a lump (external) left over by cutting the hemorrhoid. Still feels awkward. For the ointment I was given 5% emla. What is emla ointment for? Is it just a post-surgery reliever/can it make/relieve the lump? What is that lump? Why not cut it to the end? Can it be deflated? Or re-operation?

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Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are lumps that are around the inside and outside of the anus due to uncontrollable swelling of the blood vessels around the anus. The risk factor for this can be due to a history of hard defecation, lack of fiber and fluids, frequent straining due to difficulty in defecation, in women who give birth, frequent coughing. , often carry items weighing more than 5 kg, often sit for a long time, have sexual intercourse.

The doctor will perform an external physical examination around the anus, a plug-in anal examination can also be performed carefully so that the blood vessels do not burst or with a colonoscopy technique to check for the presence of lumps and their severity. Initial treatment can be with the consumption of drugs and lifestyle changes. If the swelling does not improve and can not be inserted and often bleeds then it is necessary to consider surgery like the one you have undergone. The operation is performed by tying the blood vessels and cutting. A lump can be felt from the effects of the strap and thread, or the anal muscles are slightly swollen as a result of the surgery. It can improve or deflate slowly. The operation is only performed on swollen lumps, not on blood vessels that are still good, so there may be hemorrhoids in other blood vessels around the anus.

This E 5% ointment contains lidocaine which functions to reduce pain by applying a thin layer around the wound. The following can be done to prevent hemorrhoids and help repair and deflate surgery, such as: avoid straining, take softening drugs to prevent constipation or hard defecation, eat nutritious foods high in protein and high in fiber, vegetables and fruits so that protein helps repair tissues. and vegetables and fruit provide antioxidant vitamins and fiber for endurance. Avoid eating foods that are not hygienically processed.

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