Lump In The Armpit Area?

Illustration of Lump In The Armpit Area?
Illustration: Lump In The Armpit Area?

, I have a lump the size of a green bean seeds in the armpit. Feels when touched, but not visible from the outside. I have gone to the doctor and according to the doctor it’s okay as long as it’s not enlarged and it’s not red. I was given anti-pain, but after the medicine was gone my armpits felt pain again especially when tired. Do I need to go to a specialist? Or is it really okay?

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Lumps in the armpit area can indicate the following:

Enlarged lymph nodes, usually due to infection in the structure or other body parts around it
Boils on the armpits
Benign tumors derived from fat tissue (lipoma)
Insect bite marks
Lymph node malignancy, or the spread of malignancy elsewhere, such as the breast
Among these lumps, there are some that can heal on their own, there are some that require direct therapy, and there are some that require further tracking for definitive management (for example in malignant conditions)

If you have not felt improvement on the lump, the lump is felt disturbing, or even getting bigger, then you should consult your doctor for a physical examination again. If necessary, the doctor will carry out certain supporting examinations or refer you to certain specialists for further tracking.

As for what you should do is:

Avoid manipulation of the lump like squeeze, or try removing the lump without medical procedures
Wash your hands before touching the bump area
Take regular baths at least 2x a day
Maintain endurance by consuming nutritious food and multiply vegetables, consumption of 2 liters of water per day, enough rest, etc.

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and useful :)

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