Lump In The Breast, Supple And Movable?

Illustration of Lump In The Breast, Supple And Movable?
Illustration: Lump In The Breast, Supple And Movable? Bing

I’ve had op fam. On my breasts, now there’s a lump in my breast, it’s springy, it’s moving, if I lie down on the bed and my hand pulls up, it feels like the lump is gone, I haven’t gone to the doctor yet. he explained

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Good evening Alesa, thank you for your question

First I want to ask, how old are you?

Lumps in the breast are not always caused by breast cancer. In fact, 80% of lumps that arise in the breast are not cancer. Breast lumps can basically be caused by the following medical conditions:

Mammary fibroadenoma: a lump that arises due to excess formation of the mammary glands. The lump feels round, supple, can shift when pressed, and is generally not painful.

·   Fibrocystic changes: changes in the breast due to hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle. A lump appears that feels soft/hard, can harden or enlarge before menstruation, and feels painful.

Simple cyst: a fluid-filled sac in the breast. If the size is large, pain can occur.

Traumatic fat necrosis: a lump that appears as a result of trauma or impact on the breast. The lump is round, solid, and painless.

·    Breast cancer: the lump feels hard, cannot move when pressed, and can be painful or not. At an advanced stage, other symptoms may arise, such as inverted nipples, purulent and bleeding wounds, wrinkled skin like orange peels, and so on.

FAM (Fibroadenoma mammae) is a benign tumor that grows in the breast. FAM is usually more common in young adult women. In general, FAM is harmless and not all women with FAM require surgery/surgery and this FAM can usually recur in the same place or in the other breast.

FAM usually causes symptoms such as:

·         The appearance of a lump in the breast that is tender

·         the lump is not painful and can be moved

·        there is no change in the shape of the breast

FAM is a benign tumor in the breast where the cause is not known with certainty. FAM has no risk of becoming cancerous. However, FAM lumps can enlarge under the influence of hormones. So that during the reproductive period (not yet menopause) FAM can grow again even though it has had FAM surgery. FAM usually appears in their teens. Therefore, sometimes FAM will be large during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy or breastfeeding. Examination can be done with certainty by mammography or biopsy.

To be able to ascertain whether the complaint you are feeling is indeed FAM or not, I suggest you check with your doctor or obstetrician to check your child's complaints. The doctor will later ask about your complaint and will carry out a physical examination and supporting examinations such as an ultrasound examination of the breast, a biopsy which can be done with FNAB or surgery.

Here are suggestions for what you can do:

· Perform regular breast self-examination (BSE) to identify any structural changes in the breast

·       Avoid squeezing or massaging the lumps that appear

If pain occurs, you can take analgesic drugs such as paracetamol to relieve pain

·   Get enough rest and eat nutritious food to maintain your immune system

·    Minimizing stress

The following information can be useful: Beware of lumps in the breast Lumps and breast tumors are not necessarily cancer

May be useful,

dr. Diane

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