Lump In The Butt.?

Illustration of Lump In The Butt.?
Illustration: Lump In The Butt.?

Good afternoon. I want to ask, 4 days ago suddenly my waist hurts, sitting also hurts, standing up is rather difficult, changing sleeping position hurts. then 2 days ago I went to the doctor for internal medicine, in a kidney check, all lymph was safe. maybe a muscle injury the doctor said. so it is given anti-pain and ointment. but today, when sitting down, it felt like something was up in the right buttocks. if you touch it with your hands there is no feeling, when you sit down. My stools are flat, or flat. please explain, what is this disease, then usually treatment to check the lump, whether it should be in a colonoscopy?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at In your case, the first important step is to establish where the lump is first. A colonoscopy procedure is a procedure performed to see the contents of the colon or large intestine, so if your lump is in the anus, and visible from the outside, a colonoscopy is not needed. But if you have colon cancer, then a colonoscopy can be beneficial.

Then back to the location of the lump, because if the lump you mean feels lumpy when sitting, it should not be in the intestine because it is too far away. It is located more under the skin or close to the buttocks muscles. But if it is located there, there should be no change in the form of faeces. So far the possibility is that the lump can be in the form of hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids, can be a boil, can be a tumor, can be a muscle twisting, fat tissue growth or certain skin disorders. And this can also be related or not related to low back pain that you experience. All of these variables must be considered and sought.

Therefore, our advice is that you try to check your condition with the surgeon, by showing where the lump is located, so that it can be determined whether the complaints you experience are a unified disease or a separate condition. Your surgeon may feel and press the area a little to try to recognize the lump you are referring to. From there it will be seen whether there is a connection and how the best handling.

In the meantime, keep consuming the medication your doctor gave you before, drink plenty of water, and warm compresses or stick the patch on the painful part. So, hopefully answering your question.

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