Lump In The Child’s Eyes After Egg Consumption?

Illustration of Lump In The Child’s Eyes After Egg Consumption?
Illustration: Lump In The Child’s Eyes After Egg Consumption?

, around the eyes of my child often appear lumps like boils. If people used to say lead or stern. The lumps always appear after he consumes eggs. Initially only reddish skin, then swollen and the edges are yellow (exactly boils) the process can be more than a week before breaking. Because he is still 9 years old, sometimes it is a pity to see that he is jealous of his younger brother who can consume free eggs. R nDo what excess protein can be treated / is there a cure?

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Hi Ika Shakila Rahma, thank you for your trust in

Lumps in the eye, as you say, can be caused by bumps or bumps. However, it is also necessary to know a number of conditions that can cause lumps in the eye, for example:

Oil glandular fluid buildup in the eyelid area (in medical language also called kalazion). The shape of the lump varies, some are small, some are quite large and disturbing because it is seen directly (in terms of cosmetics). Lumps caused by kalazion are generally painless and do not show other signs of inflammation, such as redness, fever, festering. However, these lumps can stay long enough, as long as the blockage in the gland still occurs.
Infection and inflammation of the oil glands or sweat on the eyelids. These lumps are also called hordeolum or better known as bumps, and can be found around the eyelashes, both on the inner and outer eyelids. Because an infection occurs so that the inflammatory process occurs and causes lumps to turn red, palpable, painful, festering, to the point that some people cause fever. Hordeolum is most often caused by bacterial infection and is associated with poor hygiene.
Inflammation of the eyelids or blepharitis. In this condition, inflammation occurs in the entire eyelid, resulting in swelling, redness, and pain in the affected eyelid.
Infection of the skin around the eyes that causes excessive skin growth so that it appears as a lump.

Things to consider in your child's case are the cause of the lump itself. For egg consumption, there is actually no research that directly states the relationship of consumption of eggs or excess protein to the appearance of bumps in the eye, such as nodules. This is because the cause of the pimple itself is a bacterial infection, not allergic or excess protein. What might happen is if your child has an allergy, in this case for eggs, where the effects of the allergy can affect the whole body, including the eyes. Allergic symptoms felt in the eyes are itchy and watery eyes, and this often results in the habit of 'rubbing' the eyes. In fact, if our hands are not clean, bacteria can move from hands to eyes, or if there are sores on the skin around the eyelids after scratching, bacteria can enter and cause infection. From these habits that can cause staples, not directly caused by egg protein.

Other risk factors for stumps other than eye rubbing habits are poor hygiene, for example not cleaning the face especially the eyes after using cosmetics, excessive exposure to dust or dirt, habit of picking up lumps in the eye.

What you can do is pay more attention to your child's condition, are there other symptoms of egg allergy in your child. Other symptoms such as reddish rashes appear on other parts of the body, itching, abdominal pain, tightness, nausea, and other digestive disorders. In addition, for now, continue to pay attention to your child's eye hygiene. Do not let the child rub his eyes or squeeze / squeeze the lump, make sure the hands are always clean before touching the eyes, and warm compresses can also be done to soften the pus or blockage of fluid so that it heals faster. You can have your child checked by a pediatrician to find out if your child is allergic to have an examination of your child's reaction to some allergic triggers that are tested on the skin, or to check the condition of your child's eyes, can also directly check with an eye specialist. Usually if the lump is caused by an infection, the doctor will prescribe topical antibiotics for the eyes.

Excess protein cannot be treated, this is because protein is obtained by the body through the food we consume daily and will be disposed of naturally by the body when it meets needs. I do not recommend reducing protein consumption for your child, because protein is very useful for the child's growth process. The way you can do is to replace the protein source, because in addition to eggs, there are many other sources of protein. Protein can come from animals (meat, chicken, fish, milk) and also vegetable (legumes, tempeh, tofu, vegetables). So if you want to reduce egg consumption, it is recommended to replace the source of protein with another. You can read about other protein sources and their benefits for the body here.

Hopefully this is useful, and hopefully your child will recover quickly.

Greetings healthy,

dr. Sheryl Serelia

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