Lump In The Groin?

Illustration of Lump In The Groin?
Illustration: Lump In The Groin?

Hello,. I want to ask, recently I realized that in the groin near my vagina I have a small lump. But the lump is not visible but feels when you touch it. And if pressed it hurts. Guess what is that? What is the cause and how to fix it. thank you

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In women, a lump that is located in the groin near the genitals can be caused by the following conditions:

Lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes)
Lymphadenitis can be caused by an infection, either from the lymph nodes themselves, or from other organs whose lymphatic drainage flows to the lymph nodes in the groin. Some examples of the causes of lymphadenitis in the groin area are tuberculosis, HIV-AIDS, syphilis, infection in cat scratch marks, infection in the thigh to leg area.
Skin infection
This skin infection is prone to occur in those who do not keep their body clean properly. Some types of infections that can cause a lump in the groin are folliculitis, acne, impetigo, warts, shingles, and so on.

Lymphadenopathy (swelling of the lymph nodes) due to other causes
Lymphadenopathy can occur due to other causes, apart from inflammation, for example due to immune system disorders, blood cancer, lymphoma, and so on.

Inguinal hernia
A hernia is the name for a part of the body that sticks out through a weak opening. An inguinal hernia occurs when a portion of the intestine descends through the weakened abdominal wall. This condition is actually more often experienced by men. However, it does not rule out the possibility of this hernia occurring in women, especially those who are overweight, pregnant, often lifting heavy weights, often coughing, vomiting, or sneezing that won't heal.
Tumors (eg lipomas, cysts, sarcomas), and so on

A direct physical examination is necessary to identify the exact cause of the lump you are experiencing. You can also do a biopsy to determine the cells that make up the lump, by taking a tissue sample from the lump for microscopic examination. Therefore, you should check with your doctor directly so that you can get the right treatment.

Meanwhile, if the lump is painful, you should compress the lump with warm water while taking paracetamol medicine first. Always wear pants that are comfortable, not tight, and also not made from heat. Clean your body by showering regularly and always using clean clothes. Avoid massaging or pressing the lumps too much so that the pain does not get worse.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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