Lump In The Left Breast?

Hello, I’m novinna aged 17, my breasts are large on the left, when I do breast self-examination I feel a small lump right underneath the right breast nipple (which is smaller), if it’s left painless, then when pressed it feels painful, while the right breast (which is bigger) no lumps, but sometimes it feels painful according to the doctor what? dangerous or not? there are possible tips

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There is a complaint of a lump in your left breast area, and pain when pressed may be due to a benign breast tumor or also called Fibroadenoma mamae (FAM). The main cause of this case is not yet known with certainty, but the alleged existence of a female hormonal influence triggers the appearance of this benign tumor. In addition, a history of contraceptive use before the age of 20 can increase the appearance of these complaints. This fam can happen to anyone and is a benign tumor growth that does not berbabaya for patients. Having a family history of breast tumors can also increase the risk of patients. Complaints other than the discovery of a lump in the breast, can also be found a complaint of pain, especially if fam suppresses the surrounding nerves. In addition, these lumps are usually not too large and can move under the skin, especially when examined by sliding this lump, round shape with a firm boundary and springy consistency. However, to make the diagnosis requires direct examination by the surgeon both with physical examination and supporting examinations such as USG breast.

In addition to breast lumps caused by fam, other conditions can also cause the same complaint, such as:

1. inflammation of the breast until the formation of breast abscess

2. kistapayudara

3. lipoma or benign fat tissue tumor

4. malignancy

Because the condition that you feel is uncertain, you should consult with a surgeon in your city. The doctor will conduct interviews, physical examinations and support examinations needed either blood tests or ultrasound examinations. The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors to provide care and treatment accordingly. If it is due to fam, and the size of the lump is small or less than 5 cm, the doctor can make periodic observations, because this condition can disappear or shrink by itself. However, if you are worried or anxious, surgery can be performed, depending on the results of your discussion with the doctor and the results of your doctor's examination.

For now, you should avoid pressing and squeezing these lumps. Use loose BeHa if pain complaints do occur when you use BeHa.

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