Lump In The Left Jaw?

Illustration of Lump In The Left Jaw?
Illustration: Lump In The Left Jaw?

Hello good morning on the left and right breast .. r nBut I have done an examination and ultrasound for the breast … r n So far the doctor said it is not dangerous .. r nOnly I recommend eating lots of vegetables and reducing sweet foods, bread and also rice r nI have also been given medicine for 3 months … r nWill I have lumps in the jaw on my left cheek with a lump in the breast ??? r n r nThank you 😊😊

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Hello Florensye, thank you for asking

Lumps in the jaw can be caused by various possibilities, the jaw is also medically called the mandible. Lumps in this area can be caused by:

Enlarged lymph nodes or lymphadenopathy, swollen lymph nodes are often caused by infection.

Cysts, lumps in the form of a mass filled with fluid and have pockets. cysts can occur anywhere in the body, usually benign

Dental infections or tooth abscesses, left-untreated dental infections can develop into dental abscesses. Abscess is a collection of pus containing inflammatory cells and germs that have died.

Lipoma is a benign tumor formed from fat.

Parotitis is an inflammation of the salivary glands, also called goiter, but usually the complaint will be a swelling of the cheeks that is thoroughly accompanied by fever and flu symptoms.

Lymphoma is one type of cancer that attacks the lymph nodes, but this disease is rare, and swollen lymph nodes usually occur in more than one area.

Lumps in the jaw are often caused by swollen lymph nodes (KGB). This KGB is located almost throughout the body where its function is to store the white blood cells that play a role as the immune system. KGB will swell as a natural response from the body to fight infections that occur. Most KGB enlargement is not dangerous because it is a natural response from the body when the body occurs infection. Usually the KGB will return to normal or not palpable if the infection has been treated. KGB swelling in the jaw area is often caused by throat infections, tonsillitis or tonsillitis, ear infections, tuberculosis (TB) glands.

But you should see a doctor if the KGB is swollen:

Appears for no apparent reason, you are not getting sore throat, no fever
KGB has not diminished in more than 2 weeks
Lumps enlarge within 2 weeks
The lump is felt hard and cannot move when shaken (immobile)

If the breast lump is a benign tumor or breast cyst that is physiological or normal, it is likely to have no relationship with the lump that occurs in your jaw. But for more certain it is needed a direct examination by a doctor. In addition, an ultrasound examination may be needed, or to find out for certain types of lumps can also be performed tissue biopsy. Biopsy is an examination in the form of taking a little tissue from a lump as a sample which is then examined at the laboratory.

Here are more articles that you can read more about: Lumps in the Head and Neck Region

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