Lump In The Rectum Feels Itchy?

Illustration of Lump In The Rectum Feels Itchy?
Illustration: Lump In The Rectum Feels Itchy?

I want to ask … my rectum ad lumps started I was pregnant prtm dn ank sya now umr 4 stgh yr … dd dbur I can itch … at first hy small but now a corn … apkh is ambein or other diseases thanks to answer

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The anus consists of skin and tissue consisting of glands, blood vessels, muscles, and sensitive nerve endings. When the area becomes irritated, infected, or blocked, a lump in the anus can form. There are several causes of anal lumps including:

hemorrhoid: this is the most common thing, hemorrhoid is divided into two types, based on location. Lumps in the anus, are symptoms of external hemorrhoids. Bumps that arise due to hemorrhoids are usually also accompanied by pain, itching, and bleeding.
Anal warts: Medically, the warts in the anal area are called condyloma akuminata. These lumps in the anus are caused by infection with the HPV virus. The lumps in the anus due to the HPV virus have a soft texture and color to the skin. In addition, the emergence of this condition is also accompanied by itching, mucus production, and bleeding. The size can vary, from small to cover the entire anus.
perianal hematoma: If the lump in your anus is dark, the perianal hematoma may be the cause. Lumps that arise due to this condition, occur due to rupture of blood vessels in the anal area, so that blood accumulates in the surrounding tissue.
anal abscess: is an infection caused by bacteria that attacks the small glands in the anus. Bumps in the anus due to an abscess, look like boils, which are very painful and are accompanied by swelling in the surrounding area. In addition, these lumps are generally red and warm to the touch.

to ensure the cause of the lump should be examined directly by a doctor, to ensure the cause the doctor will conduct an interview, a physical examination by looking at the condition of the lump in your rectum so that the doctor can ascertain the cause and give the right handler can be with drugs or surgery according to the conditions its severity.

There are several things you can do including:

avoid touching the anal lump with the hand
avoid holding BAB
avoid straining for too long
consume foods rich in fiber
Clean the anus gently after bowel movements, you can use a wet tissue or cotton wool
Ice packs wrapped in cloth to reduce swelling
Using pain-free drugs, such as paracetamol, to relieve pain and discomfort

Thus the info I can give. Hope you can help.

Keep doing social distancing.


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