Lump In The Ribs And Feels Painful?

Illustration of Lump In The Ribs And Feels Painful?
Illustration: Lump In The Ribs And Feels Painful?

Hello, I want to ask, is there a lump on the left side of the second rib from the top, it feels like the outside is not visible and is rather painful, is it dangerous or not ??

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Hello Cak Ripin,

Lumps in the chest area can be caused by various abnormalities ranging from mild to severe. A lump needs to be evaluated its characteristics include:

Bump Location
Lump size
Lump shape
Bump consistency: hard, soft, dense
Bump surface: smooth, lobed
Pain or not when pressed
Skin changes around the lump: redness, sores, pungtum
The lump may or may not be moved, bound or not to the surrounding tissue

In addition, doctors also need to ask the patient since when the lump appeared and how the enlargement of the lump is enlarged quickly or fixed size. The doctor also needs to know whether there is a history of similar lumps in other body parts or a history of lumps in the family. History of trauma, other illnesses, and treatment that had been obtained by the patient and the patient were also delivered to the doctor.

Data about the lump is needed to minimize the possibility of any diagnoses that cause the lump. Lumps in the upper chest area can be caused by:

Lumps in the subcutaneous tissue, for example lipoma, fibroma, atheroma cyst
Lumps of muscles and bones: enchondroma, osteochondroma, primary cancer metastasis elsewhere, myeloma, fibrous dysplasia, giant cell tumor
Enlarged lymph nodes
Infections, such as abscesses, tuberculosis
Callus formation after rib fracture

Dangerous or not a lump that you experience can be determined after a direct examination. Apart from clinical symptoms and physical examination of the lump, some diseases require additional examinations such as ultrasonography, MRI, CT-scan to see the picture in the lump. Handling of these lumps varies from just being observed enough to surgery. In lumps caused by cancer therapies such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy may also be needed.

If the lump is very disturbing, causing pain in the bones in the area, there are complaints of long coughing and shortness of breath, then there is also a drastic weight loss, you should immediately consult a doctor. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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