Lump In The Right Neck?

Illustration of Lump In The Right Neck?
Illustration: Lump In The Right Neck?

,, sorry to bother … I want to ask ,, right neck hurts there are lumps as big as peanuts …. not swallowing does not hurt ….. In the past I had been mumped … Dangerous … thanks

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Hello. Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

Related to the lump on the neck should also be considered and conveyed since when the complaint was felt, how the development of the lump will enlarge rapidly, whether accompanied by pain that spreads or localized, whether having difficulty swallowing or talking, if there is a history of previous pain. For some possible diagnoses are

- enlarged lymph nodes

- salivary gland infection (mumps)

- lymph node tumor (lymphoma)

The most common condition is enlargement of the lymph nodes which are generally associated with conditions such as flu or infections of the respiratory tract or sinus area (cavities in the facial bones). When an infection occurs, the body will respond by increasing the production of white blood cells to fight the condition of the infection where the production is mostly in the lymph nodes so that increased production will affect the enlargement that occurs. Usually the lump is about 1 to 2 cm in size and is usually accompanied by pain.

Infection of the salivary glands in children is often known as mumps. Symptoms that appear are swelling on the side of the neck with pain sometimes accompanied by complaints of difficulty swallowing and decreased appetite, generally with a high fever.

Lymphomas are tumors that appear in the lymph nodes or lymph nodes in the body. Some things that spur and become a risk are over 55 years of age, viral infections, decreased immune system such as HIV, diabetes, nuclear families with similar complaints, and excess weight. Symptoms experienced are a lump in the body area in general the neck, armpits, and groin. Which can be accompanied by fatigue, fever, chills, susceptible to infection, drastic weight loss. If you experience this it should be examined by a doctor and then a physical examination, blood, imaging, and biopsy to take tissue so that it can be ascertained whether it leads to malignant cells or not.

The best thing to do is pay attention to the development of swelling experienced and accompanying symptoms that also accompany. If within 1-2 weeks there are still or even enlarged you should consult a doctor to have a physical examination and further support.

If found symptoms such as

- difficult to swallow

- looks crowded and has difficulty breathing

- experience very severe pain

Then you should immediately be taken to the nearest hospital.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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