Lump-like Lumps On The Outside Of The Vagina And Groin Whether Syphilis?

Illustration of Lump-like Lumps On The Outside Of The Vagina And Groin Whether Syphilis?
Illustration: Lump-like Lumps On The Outside Of The Vagina And Groin Whether Syphilis?

Hello … I’m a 23-year-old woman … around the end of May, I had sex with my girlfriend, and then she was diagnosed with syphilis. The next day I immediately tested syphilis, HIV and hepatitis in the free puskesmas laboratory using a test stick from the Ministry of Health and the results were negative. After that I did a lot of free sex with lots of men because I was sex. So far there have been no complaints at all in the body from either me or them and I have asked it directly. But 3 days ago there was 1 man who said he had syphilis after having contact with me even though this was the first time we had sex. Then I tested for syphilis and hepatitis for HIV at the puskesmas and the results were negative. And in my vagina the outside of the groin grows pimples-like blisters but doesn’t hurt … What I want to ask is whether the lab results are accurate and can be trusted? Because I also feel healthy there are no complaints whatsoever except for the lump. And is there any chance that I might be infected with syphilis because they have syphilis after having sex with me even though not all of them …

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Hello. Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

Lion king or syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a parasite in the form of treponema pallidum. Spread is through physical contact with wounds that exist in patients, should also be examined for active sexual partners. Symptoms are classified according to the stage of development of the disease, namely as follows:

Primary syphilis In the form of sores at the entrance of bacteria, so that it can be a lump around the genitals that looks like a protruding wound, no pain, the wound looks clean and reverberates around the edge.
Secondary syphilis This type of syphilis is characterized by the appearance of a rash on the body. Most often is the area of ​​the hands and feet

Tertiary syphilis Syphilis can cause damage to other organs of the brain, nerves, or heart.

The main step in preventing sexually transmitted diseases is to apply safe sex, using condoms and not changing sexual partners. In addition, there are several other precautions that can be taken, namely:

Get to know each other's sexual partners. If forced to have to deal with multiple partners you should use security.
Do not use drugs, especially by sharing the use of syringes.
Perform routine health checks, especially those related to reproductive organs.
Patients with sexually transmitted diseases should not have sex until the disease is declared cured by a doctor. This is done to prevent transmission of the disease to a partner
Vaccinate, especially HPV vaccine and hepatitis B

Syphilis screening should be done on people with risk factors, namely commercial sex workers, HIV sufferers who are still active in sexual intercourse, someone who has sex with multiple partners and not wearing condoms, and in male sex men. Preferably syphilis examination at least once a year. If deemed very risky, the examination can be done more often, which is 3-6 months. Some screening tests are carried out

- Nontreponema test, which is detecting antibodies that are not specifically associated with the bacterium Treponema pallidum. Called non-specific, because the antibodies detected can be produced by the body when infected with T. pallidum, or can also be produced in other conditions. This test is sensitive to see the presence or absence of syphilis infection. Some of the tests are rapidplasmareagin (RPR) test, and cognitive cereasearch research collaborative (VDRL) test.

- Treponema test detects antibodies that are specifically associated with bacteria causing syphilis. Some of these tests are FTA-ABS (fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption), TP-PA (treponema pallidumparticle agglutination assay), MHA-TP (microhemagglutination assay), and IA (immunoassays).

The combination of syphilis screening tests can determine whether the patient is suffering from active syphilis and needs to be treated, has had syphilis but has been inactive, or is not suffering from syphilis. Negative results sometimes need to be watched out, especially if the examination is done at a stage that is still too early. Patients will be advised to re-undergo the test after some time, if the patient is strongly suspected of having syphilis.

We recommend that you consult a doctor or even better to see a specialist skin and genitals.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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