Lump Near The Groin?

Illustration of Lump Near The Groin?
Illustration: Lump Near The Groin?

Afternoon, I want to ask. nI have a lump near my groin. But sometimes it’s gone, sometimes there’s more. nIs the lump dangerous? And why is there a lump there?

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Hi Nada,

Thank you for asking

The recurrent appearance of a lump in the groin is probably caused by an inguinal hernia. Hernia itself is defined as the sticking of an organ through a weakened opening. The inguinal hernia is a hernia that occurs around the groin, which occurs due to the sticking of the intestines through the weakened abdominal wall gap. Inguinal hernias can cause a lump that is soft, smooth, and often comes and goes and causes pain. Usually, a herniated lump will appear in the groin, but it can also appear on the testicles in men. The appearance of a lump can be triggered by increased pressure in the abdominal cavity, for example when the patient is straining, lifting or pushing heavy objects, coughing or sneezing excessively, experiencing repeated diarrhea, or also in people who are pregnant and overweight. The risk of developing a hernia may be higher in people who have previously had surgery in the abdominal area.

Apart from a hernia, it could also be a lump in the groin that you experience due to other causes, for example:

Lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes), which can be triggered by infection, cat scratches, lymphoma, leukemia
Skin infections, such as folliculitis, furuncles (boils), abscesses
Skin tumors, such as lipomas, sarcomas, cysts
Dislocation (shift) of the thigh joint
Post-groin injury, for example, causing edema, hematoma, and so on

Unfortunately, you did not explain in detail, how big is the size of the lump you have, whether the lump is painful, how it is colored, and the general characteristics of the lump. Therefore, it is difficult for us to identify what might trigger the lump, whether it is dangerous, or not.

Therefore, before the lump gets bigger or worse, you should check your complaint directly with your doctor. Maybe, radiological examinations, such as X-rays or ultrasound, are needed to assess the possible cause of the lump. You can also take a tissue sample from the lump so you can evaluate the type of cells that make up the lump. If the cause of the hernia is true, then definitive treatment can be done with surgery (hernioraphy).

In the meantime, you should not press or massage the lump to avoid the risk of more irritation or tissue damage. If the lump is painful, you can use a warm compress to relieve the pain. Wear comfortable pants, and avoid overdoing things that can cause increased pressure in the abdominal cavity (as described above).

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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