Lump Near The Vagina And Thigh?

Illustration of Lump Near The Vagina And Thigh?
Illustration: Lump Near The Vagina And Thigh?

I want to ask, when I finished exercising, I want to massage my thighs, then I accidentally hold the lower part of the abdomen near the thighs and vagina, then I feel like there are lumps, what kind of disease is that?

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Good morning Ms. Shinta.

Related lumps that mothers feel should be considered the following points

- Since when did the lump appear? What is the size of the lump? Do you feel pain when you feel a lump? Is there any liquid coming out of the lump? Are lumps colored with skin or appear reddish?
- Previously was there a similar history or injury in the genital area?
- Is there a history of other illnesses?
- For a history of sexual relations please note

Some things that might be the cause of the lump are

- Enlargement of lymph nodes usually occurs when a person experiences certain infections such as the urinary or respiratory tract or others. As a form of body defense, the body, especially the lymph nodes, will produce more immune cells so that the glands will usually appear larger. The spread of lymph nodes is found throughout the body, some of which are easily felt and examined are the neck, armpits, and groin area. Usually small lumps around 0.3 - 0.7 cm, do not feel sick, do not look reddish.
- Skin abscess is an infection in the skin tissue that occurs most often is bacteria that produce pus. Lump size can vary from about 1 cm - 6 cm, palpable pain, looks red, palpable fluid under the skin.
- Sexually transmitted infections are infections by bacteria or parasites that are usually associated with unhealthy sexual relations, such as more than 1 sexual partners, through douches. Usually accompanied by other symptoms such as discharge from the genitals that are white or greenish, genital area sores, up to lumps in the groin area
- Lipoma is a benign tumor in the form of fat cells. Usually the size of about 2-5 cm. Not felt sick, not red, and usually firm and mobile boundaries

You should pay attention to these lumps, can be made more comfortable by doing cold water compresses, avoid using pants too tight, change pants or clothes when wet, avoid free sexual behavior. However, if it is disturbing and the pain or lumps increase rapidly, you should consult a doctor or surgeon for further examination.

That's the thing we can say. May be useful. Thank you

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