Lump On 4-year-old Child’s Eyelids?

Illustration of Lump On 4-year-old Child’s Eyelids?
Illustration: Lump On 4-year-old Child’s Eyelids?

I want to ask my 4th-year-old boy on his left eyelid with a lump and a hard lump as big as papaya seeds but small again, it’s been a week, why?

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 Lumps in the eyelid can be caused by various causes, including:

  Hordeolum / Bintala Kalazion Cyst Bintitan in medical language is called hordeolum, which is a bacterial infection in the upper and lower eyelids. The bacterium that often causes stunting is staphylococcus aureus which is a normal flora in human skin.
 Symptoms of stunting include swelling in the upper or lower eyelid area, which feels painful, reddish, and sometimes even festering. However, if the swelling in the eyelid is not accompanied by pain and a sign of inflammation / infection, this can be caused by kalazion, an abnormality in the eyelid due to blockage of the sweat glands in the area.
 Kalazion can occur due to prolonged or chronic stiff / hordeolum, and no more pain. Due to the length of fluid inside, the liquid will become hard and will be difficult to disappear by itself. But kalazion can also occur spontaneously without having to be preceded by acute inflammation such as hordeolum.
 Cysts are pockets filled with fluid under the surface of the skin. Generally cysts can be categorized as benign tumors and do not harm but cause discomfort and interference with the aesthetics of the skin.

To find out the type of illness suffered by your child, we recommend that you do a consultation and examination directly to the nearest doctor or ophthalmologist. The doctor will do a more specific examination related to the symptoms experienced by your child.

Avoid rubbing the eyes, squeeze the lump or using drugs other than a prescription recommended by the doctor.
 Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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