Lump On Lower Abdomen?

Illustration of Lump On Lower Abdomen?
Illustration: Lump On Lower Abdomen? Bing

Evening doctor, I want to ask. My mother is currently 45 years old, in 2015 she had surgery to remove the uterus because of myoma and 4 months later she had another operation for an umbilical hernia, but now how come the small lump in the lower abdomen appears again, why? Is it possible that the myoma will grow back or is it the result of the previous surgery? Thank you,,

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Lumps in the lower abdomen, may be caused by several possible causes, including:

cyst myoma tumor in the bladder abscess / hernia infection intestinal tumor uterine myoma is still possible to grow again. To determine whether the lump must be done direct examination and further examination. It is recommended that you consult a surgeon, an ultrasound examination may also be needed to clarify the possible cause.

Some initial treatments:

if there is pain, you should take pain-reducing drugs such as paracetamol, get enough rest, don't delay defecation or urinate, just drink at least 2 liters of water a day, increase consumption of vegetables and fruit, avoid lifting too heavy, hope it helps, thank you


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