Lump On Neck And It Hurts?

Illustration of Lump On Neck And It Hurts?
Illustration: Lump On Neck And It Hurts? Bing

. I want to ask Dyah about dilation of blood vessels. The neck area above the sternum has a lump and is painful. Initially the doctor diagnosed it because of the enlargement of the GLD. thyroid, but after ultrasound it turned out to be gld. my thyroid is normal. I was referred to ENT and finally ordered for AJH, the results of AJH did not show malignant cells but inflammatory cells, lymphocytes, macrophages. My ENT doctor was diagnosed with dilated blood vessels, so the doctor prescribed antibiotics (clindamycin), glisodine, and anti-inflammatory drugs. At that time my lump shrunk, but after the medicine ran out the lump grew again and was painful. What I ask is what causes the lump to grow back? What is the treatment for dilation of blood vessels?rnrnThank you

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Hi Dyah Restu,

Lumps experienced in the neck can indeed be caused, one of which is due to abnormalities in the thyroid gland. But apart from the thyroid gland, in the neck there are various organs that can also cause complaints in the form of lumps that appear on the neck such as parotitis (mumps), enlarged lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy) due to infection in the area around the neck or oral cavity, lymphadenitis, and malignancy. as in lymphoma.

We recommend that in conditions where a lump reappears that has re-enlarged, you should consult again with an ENT specialist who conducted a previous examination so that the cause of the lump that appears this time can be ascertained whether it is related to a history of previous lumps or caused by other things through a physical examination and also supports such as examinations. blood, biopsy or ultrasound of the neck.

Meanwhile, keep eating healthy and nutritious foods. Get enough rest and avoid excessive stress. You are also advised to keep exercising and avoid smoking and exposure to cigarette smoke or consuming alcoholic beverages.

I hope this information is helpful.


dr. Irvandi

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