Lump On Right Side Of Waist?

Illustration of Lump On Right Side Of Waist?
Illustration: Lump On Right Side Of Waist? Bing

amualaikum. I’m Farin from Malang.. I’m 24 years old. want to ask. For a few months now, on the right side of the waist, I have a lump on the back which doesn’t hurt when touched and I don’t feel a lump. but these days, when you do activities such as bending down, it hurts a little bit… but sometimes you don’t feel it. that’s about why. dangerous or not. I’m afraid if it gets bigger… and until the operation… please answer yes. thanks in advance..

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From the information you convey, the presence of a lump on the right waist, may be caused by a sweat gland cyst. However, a lump with non-specific complaints like this requires an immediate examination by your family doctor or surgeon to determine the main cause.

Some of the possible diseases below can cause a lump in the spine area, such as:

1. lipoma, or benign tumor of fatty tissue

2. abscess, or purulent infection

Hematoma, or swelling due to trauma

4. Spinal tuberculosis or Pott's disease, namely TB infection of the spine

5. scrofuloderma or tuberculosis infection of the skin

With a direct examination carried out by a doctor, it is hoped that the cause of this lump will be confirmed, so you don't guess what the cause is. And not guessing the danger or not.

If necessary, the doctor will perform blood tests and radiology to determine your general condition. Treatment will be carried out after the doctor confirms the cause of this lump.

That's the information we can convey, read also the discussion.


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