Lump On Spine?

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healthy doctor …rnrnI want to ask, my spine looks like a lump due to impact. When the lump was touched it was painful and sometimes there was a pain in my lower spine. Apart from that, there are no other complaints.rnrnWhat do you think I’m sick with?rnDr Nervous asked me to do an MRI. What do you think might happen to my MRI X-ray?

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hello shinta

Lump in the spine can be caused by various possibilities such as:

Changes in the position of the bones, bruises on the muscles, fractures of the spine, etc

With the impact you experience, the position of the spine may shift which results in a bulge. Bruising on the affected muscle can also result in a painful lump. A broken spine can change the position of the bones that are not in their proper position.

With a history of trauma, it's better in addition to a physical examination, additional examinations such as the examination you did are carried out. The possibility of an MRI is very much possible, because it can see various kinds of tissue in the spine.

If you experience a shift in the position of the bones, the result is that the bones will look shifted and not in accordance with their normal position. If it's just a bruising to the muscle, you'll see swollen soft tissue. If there is a fracture, you can see the fracture line from the bone, and so on.

It's a good idea later you consult your MRI results back to the doctor who examined you. Because the examination must be matched with the symptoms and examinations that have been carried out by the doctor.

I hope this helps.

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