Lump On The Baby’s Head

Illustration of Lump On The Baby’s Head
Illustration: Lump On The Baby’s Head

Doc I want to ask, I have a baby boy now aged 8 months, it seems like from birth he has a bump on the back of the head of the lower right and left … when it is pressed it in the palace like something is moving or shifting, is that right? And it’s dangerous right?

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Hello NurviaNita,

Thank you for the question.

Lumps in the lower back of the head that move easily when pressed are often benign. One of the most common conditions for triggering this lump is lymphadenitis, which is inflammation of the lymph nodes due to infection, such as tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, cat scratch disease, and so on. It could also be, a bump on the lower back of the head that your child is experiencing is caused by:

Enlargement of lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy) by other causes, such as lupus, lymphoma, leukemia, drug effects
Skin infections, such as boils, zits, warts, abscesses
Reasonable variations in the shape of the skull
Other factors, such as lipomas, cysts, insect bites, muscle kinking, skin tags, and so on

Ascertaining the cause of this lump certainly requires a direct examination from the doctor. Therefore, you should check your child directly to the doctor or pediatrician yes. Laboratory tests, ultrasound, x-rays, or biopsy can also be done by a doctor in addition to the usual physical examination, to identify the cause of the lump, then determine the best treatment.

Before that, don't manipulate the lump in any way. You also need to be more careful in keeping your child's hygiene, and keep breastfeeding him and give him MPASI which has a balanced nutritional value so that his immune system is good.

Hope this helps ...

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