Lump On The Left Side Of The Neck And Getting Bigger?

Illustration of Lump On The Left Side Of The Neck And Getting Bigger?
Illustration: Lump On The Left Side Of The Neck And Getting Bigger?

Good night, I’m a 23 year old ulfa, I want to ask, I have a lump on the left neck under the ear, it’s been a month that the lump has grown bigger but not accompanied by other symptoms only, the lump is getting bigger and painful, then a week ago I was treated to the nearest health center, he was given 500mg of erythromycin, the result was a small lump, but after the drug ran out, the neck where there was a lump felt achy pain accompanied by a slight feeling of heat, and the lump increased in the armpit, please what solution I have to do, thank you.

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Many diseases that can occur related to your complaint, including:

1. Lymphadenitis or inflammation of the lymph nodes. Can occur in lymph nodes anywhere, such as the neck, armpits, groin, and others. Caused by a viral infection, bacteria mycobacyerium tuberculosis or other bacteria. The risk factor increases in people who have caries or cavities, due to germs in the oral cavity attacking the airways, then the germs spread along the blood and lymph flow, so that it can cause infection of the lymph nodes that are passed, namely the lymph nodes in the neck. The risk also increases in untreated pulmonary TB patients.

2. Skin abscess, namely the presence of a tumor in the form of a pocket filled with pus in the skin. Usually caused by a wound on the skin contaminated with germs or germs attacking the pimples on the neck so that it becomes an abscess.

3. Lymphoma, which is a disease caused by excessive growth of lymph node cells to form tumors. There are 2 types of tumors, namely benign tumors and malignant tumors. Malignant tumors can result from the spread of cancer cells in other places or it can be primary in the lymph nodes.

Because there are many possibilities that can occur, it is necessary for you to check back with the doctor who treated you before. The doctor will do a re-examination by looking at and feeling your old and new lumps. The doctor may order laboratory tests (samples of blood and sputum), chest X-rays or even a biopsy (diseased tissue taken for anatomical pathology examination) if necessary. The response of the neck lump to previous treatment will form the basis for establishing your diagnosis and in deciding on subsequent treatment.

I suggest that you shouldn't press on the lump and don't scratch if the skin around the bump is red and itchy. You can take Paracetamol for pain relief.

Hope this information can help you.

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