Lump On The Lower Left Side Of The Head?

Illustration of Lump On The Lower Left Side Of The Head?
Illustration: Lump On The Lower Left Side Of The Head?

Good evening, r n r nI have been feeling the lump on my head for a long time. (It appeared around the end of July 2017) r n r nThe first time I noticed the oddity was that when I wanted to sleep I felt my forehead cold. R n r n (I sleep on my back) r n r nThe next day I want to sleep, the feeling moved to my temple r n r nThe next day when I want to go to sleep again, I move to the crown r n r nThe cold feeling gradually changes to feel like good but it doesn’t hurt (which obviously I know something wrong). Like my left side of the head was like a pain, but it didn’t hurt. R n r n3 days later after it first appeared, I went to the hospital to a neurologist, but it was not satisfactory because the doctor immediately diagnosed me with migraines (my head was not checked. ) even though I started to feel a lump. r n r nSince then every day I have felt a left head pain until this second. Even though it doesn’t hurt, how about it but if you lie back it hurts. And I feel that now the lump is bigger than before because this time it really feels r n r nI have been to another neurologist again, but just like the first time, my head was not checked, only my heart, lungs, tension, etc. he said all are good, I just have stomach acid, so I have a headache. r n r nBut how come there are lumps? Is it true that stomach acid can make my head appear bumps? R n r nThis lump has not disturbed my activities until now. Thank you God until now I just used to it .. Only when I sleep on my back I can’t stay long because over time the lump will hurt when I sleep on my back. But after that there are no other problems that I feel. R n r nI have a tooth problem on the left, which is really bad. Does this have something to do with it? Is it possible that my tooth has an infection? R n r nBecause once during the first period of time the lump appeared, in October I felt my head hurt so badly (the bases disappeared). Eh .. it turned out that wisdom teeth my left grows. After growing fully, the headache was gone. R n r nBut what is this lump? Since August 2017 until now he has been around and seems to be getting bigger. Is it due to my tooth infection that is problematic? Or is it something else? R n r nThen what should I do: ‘(I honestly have a fear … r n r nThis June, I have a plan to take care of my left tooth. That problem. Will something be pulled out. Do you think it will be dangerous if I remove the upper left tooth with the condition that there is a lump on my left head? will there be any harmful effects? r n r nPlease advise 🙁

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Hello Eka, Thank you for the question.

Lumps that appear on the lower head can be caused by:

Enlarged lymph nodes, ulcers, abscesses, lipomas, cysts, atheroma. This lump may not be related to the toothache you feel. If the toothache you feel is caused by a tooth infection, it usually can cause enlarged lymph nodes under the neck or in the neck area. Please check with your doctor first and tell him about this lump problem. The doctor needs to find out more about this complaint and conduct an examination. If the doctor has not checked this lump, please ask directly. The doctor will determine the next treatment based on your medical condition. Without a doctor's examination, it is impossible to know the cause of this lump. In the meantime, avoid breaking these bumps.

Regarding problems with your teeth, please consult your dentist further because the causes of toothaches vary and the treatment is not always in the form of tooth extraction. Although tooth extraction will be performed, this is not affected by the appearance of the lump.

I hope this information is helpful.

Dr. Aloisia

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