Lump On The Neck That Has Not Healed For 2 Years?

Illustration of Lump On The Neck That Has Not Healed For 2 Years?
Illustration: Lump On The Neck That Has Not Healed For 2 Years?

Initially, the neck lump continued to be operated on. It becomes sores but does not heal, it just comes out of pus and is wet. Sudh, almost 2 years has not recovered, healed well .. How do I heal him.

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Neck lumps can have a variety of causes. Did you perform surgery in a specialist surgeon and do a biopsy of the lump?

from the situation you are experiencing, a lump that has occurred for 2 years in the neck and does not heal may be due to a TB infection of the lymph nodes. TB is a bacterial infection that can infect various organs such as the lungs, lymph nodes, gastrointestinal tract to the brain. Lymph node infections due to tuberculosis can recur even though they have shrunk before. Glandular TB infection can cause a lump in the neck, the lump is usually soft, and can cause the infection to spread to surrounding tissues such as the skin to form a wound.

Glandular TB infection requires action by a surgeon, and treatment using anti-TB drugs by an internal medicine specialist.

But besides that the condition you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

Abscess of the neck area, lymphoma, certain tumor kimura. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult an internal medicine specialist or a surgeon. maybe later additional examinations will be carried out such as blood tests, ultrasound, ct scan, or biopsy if deemed necessary. thus the doctor can provide the right therapy for you.

the following article that you can read about tuberculosis glands

may be useful. thank you

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