Lump On The Ribs On The Left?

Illustration of Lump On The Ribs On The Left?
Illustration: Lump On The Ribs On The Left?

Hello. R nI want to ask. My child is 4 months and 15 days old. R nKok on the left ribs (ribs) there is a lump. What is dangerous and how to handle it. Thank you

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Hi Malika,

Thank you for asking

Need to clarify, how long has it been exactly? How big is the size? Is it getting bigger until now? Is the lump visible from the outside, or is it only when you touch it? Is the lump filled with fluid or pus? How is the color? Does your baby seem itchy or painful?

The shape of the human rib is not always symmetrical between the right and left sides. This condition often makes one side of the ribs appear more prominent and forms a lump. The lump due to this bone spike is hard in consistency, does not cause the baby to feel itchy or painful, does not enlarge, and also does not interfere with the baby's general health condition. If this condition is what your baby is experiencing, generally this condition is nothing to worry about because it is not dangerous.

However, in some conditions, a lump around the ribs can also indicate a disease, for example:

Skin infections, such as boils, abscesses, scabies, warts

Skin tumors, such as cysts, lipomas, sarcomas

Skin tags (excessive skin growth due to repeated friction and irritation)
Keloid, hypertrophic scar (excessive growth of scar tissue after injury or inflammation)
History of injuries around the chest (including injuries during delivery)
Congenital defects, and so on

You can check your baby directly to a doctor or pediatrician so that you can find out whether there are dangerous conditions that need to be watched out for, or not. If not, generally no special handling is required other than observation. However, if necessary, doctors can also provide further management, such as administering drugs, surgery, and so on.

In the meantime, we advise you not to squeeze or pick out any lumps that appear without a doctor's advice. Always keep your baby clean, that is, by regularly washing him, wearing clean clothes, and not handling the lump with dirty hands. Also avoid giving treatment (including drugs or any substance) carelessly on the bumps that appear.

Hope it helps ..

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