Lump On The Right Foot?

Illustration of Lump On The Right Foot?
Illustration: Lump On The Right Foot?

My foot doctor since November 2014 until now how come it’s still ad lumps … even though I’ve been taking medicine … if I take medicine for the lump … the lump becomes soft and then breaks down to 2 but it gets smaller … but I don’t take medicine sometimes swollen ,, redness, pain … what can be categorized as benign tumors ???? Thank you

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The data that must be known in advance is which part of the foot has a lump, since when the lump appeared, whether the lump grew progressively / rapidly, or the size was fixed, the lump felt soft or hard, the shape was clear or irregular, the presence or absence of injury in the lump or around the lump, whether accompanied by pain or not and other symptoms such as fever or other signs of infection.
There are various possible causes of a lump in the leg, including:

Ganglion cyst
Atheroma cyst
Fish eye
Bony protrusion
Skin cancer
Soft tissue tumors

To find out if the lump you are experiencing includes a tumor or not, it requires a direct physical examination. Identification by physical examination supported by blood laboratory, X-ray, CT scan and biopsy examination can determine the type of lump whether included in the category of benign and malignant tumors.
Noteworthy and suspected malignancy if symptoms are found such as weight loss for no apparent reason (no problems with appetite or eating process), often feel extreme fatigue, itching in the affected area, the lump gets bigger in a short time not long accompanied by changes in the surrounding skin.

You don't need to worry first. The best thing to do is to check directly with the nearest doctor or surgeon. The doctor will do an evaluation related to your condition and determine the perceived abnormality included in the tumor or not. The doctor will also give medical considerations regarding what appropriate therapeutic steps to take.
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