Lump On The Right Neck In The Elderly?

Good night. I want to ask my grandmother when she got a lump in the neck to the right of the tumor. My question is whether it can cause uric acid disorders in the right arm as well as the problem is that the pain is actually uric acid

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There are various types of tumors that can cause lumps in the neck area, among the most common are skin tumors, lymph node tumors, thyroid gland tumors, and so on. Each of these types of tumors can have different treatments and complications, including those associated with pain in the right arm as your grandmother is currently suffering from.

Need to clarify first, what tumor did your grandmother have? What are the symptoms of the tumor? Has it been given adequate treatment? How did you know that the pain in your grandmother's arm was due to an increase in uric acid? How much uric acid is in your grandmother's blood? Apart from pain, does he also experience swelling, redness, warmth, stiffness, or other complaints? Is there a history of any other illnesses that your grandmother suffered from before?

Pain in the right arm is not always associated with increased uric acid (hyperuricemia). It could also, this pain arises due to other causes, such as a pinched nerve, rheumatoid arthritis, arm injury, diabetes, infection around the arm, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, psychosomatic disorders, and so on.

Tumors in the neck area should not be directly related to hyperuricemia. However, it is possible that a tumor in the neck area causes pressure on the nerve fibers that supply the arm area, causing pain radiating up the arm. Back again, this needs to be evaluated again by assessing the type of tumor.

You should check your grandmother directly to a doctor or neurologist. If it is suspected that the pain in his arm is due to a tumor in his neck, the doctor may refer him to a surgical oncologist for more comprehensive treatment. If hyperuricemia is suspected, he may be referred to an internal medicine specialist. Some supporting tests, such as X-rays, CT scans, blood tests, etc. may be done by the doctor to find out the cause of the pain in his arm. It could also be, an ultrasound examination, X-ray, or a doctor's biopsy to find out the type of tumor that appeared on your grandmother's neck.

In the meantime, you can help your grandmother relieve her complaints by following these steps:

Compress the sore arm with warm water, don't massage it or move it too much. Apply pain relief cream (for example, those containing paracetamol) on the sore arm Avoid your grandmother from tiring activities Ask your grandmother to wear comfortable clothes, not tight, and make it easy to move Not pressing the lumps that appear on the neck Not also giving careless handling of lumps in the neck If your grandmother's uric acid levels are high, limit your grandmother from consuming foods that contain high purines, such as organ meats, seafood, nuts.

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