Lump Problem?

Illustration of Lump Problem?
Illustration: Lump Problem?

hello I want to ask about the lump on the left side of the neck and under the right chin in the throat .. nI have a feeling of a small lump in the neck that only fits in the hold, it doesn’t hurt, just my body often feels sore “… dry throat feels saliva why huh? Is it dangerous

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Hello Halimah

Lumps in the neck are not always caused by dangerous medical conditions, such as swollen lymph nodes that occur when the body is not fit, i.e. when tired, lack of sleep, or when experiencing disease conditions (the disease does not always have to be the one that is severe, moderate illness, even mild colds can trigger enlarged lymph nodes.

Then some other considerations are

Lipoma, which is an abnormal growth of fatty tissue. However, these networks are generally harmless if left unchecked
Goiter (the cause can be due to iodine deficiency, congenital birth, or due to an auto immune process)
Hyperthyroidism, is a condition in which the thyroid hormone levels in the body are very high, usually because the thyroid gland is too active, so that the size of the gland is enlarged.
Cyst, itself is an abnormal tissue in the form of a sac, cysts can appear anywhere, but some cysts are harmless if left untreated
Anatomical deformities caused by injury or birth defects

However, all of the conditions above are only limited to possibilities, so Halimah still needs to see a doctor so that a more focused examination of yourself can be carried out. For example, a question and answer session to get a medical history and current complaints, and an objective medical examination.

Halimah can try the following suggestions so that her condition is expected not to get bigger, namely by:

Consuming a balanced nutritious diet, in order to produce a good immune system to ward off disease-causing free radicals
Also make sure you get enough rest and sleep, while the recommended nighttime sleep duration is 8 hours per day.
Get about 8 glasses of water per day
Manage stress thoughts

May be useful

dr. Arnold

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