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Hello, I want to ask I have a lump under my armpit and it starts to appear when I am menstruating and sometimes it hurts, is it a symptom of breast cancer.

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Lump in the armpit area can be caused by several possibilities, including:

Enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit which can occur in several conditions such as: infection of the lymph nodes and lymph node abscess infection of the breast or lung, or of the skin around the chest, back, hands Cancer of the lymph nodes such as lymphoma, blood cancer or leukemia, or the spread of cancer in other organs to the lymph nodes such as lung cancer or breast cancer Benign tumors under the skin such as epidermoid cysts or lipomas Post vaccination in the arm area Bacterial infections of the skin in the armpit area such as folliculitis or furuncles and so on

If the lump can come and go following your menstrual cycle, then it is likely that the lump is not caused by breast cancer. Breast cancer can indeed spread to the armpit area, but usually a lump will be found in the breast area first. You can try to do a breast self-examination (be aware) to look for lumps in your breasts. We recommend that you do the examination 3 days after your period is over, because sometimes a lump can appear in the breast when a woman is menstruating. Lumps that appear during menstruation are usually caused by fibrocystic changes or simple cysts in the breast. Both conditions are harmless and do not require any specific therapy.

To be able to determine the cause of a lump, it is necessary to examine the lump directly, therefore it's a good idea to see a doctor directly. The doctor can ask further about the symptoms that accompany the appearance of the lump, examine the lump and the breast area, and perform certain supporting examinations if needed, such as a biopsy of the lump, chest X-ray, breast ultrasound or mammography, and others. The therapy given will be adjusted according to the findings.

The following are some of the symptoms of breast cancer:

A lump in the breast that is accompanied by pain The edges and surface of the lump are uneven Swelling in all or one part of the breast Pain in all parts of the breast or nipple that does not go away Nipple retraction or the nipple goes in Irritation and sores on the skin of the breast Skin peeling, redness, or thickening accompanied by enlargement of the breast skin pores such as orange peel on the nipple or breast skin Fluid discharge from the nipple accompanied by blood

That's all the information from me, I hope it's enough to answer

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