Lump Under The Inner Lip?

Illustration of Lump Under The Inner Lip?
Illustration: Lump Under The Inner Lip?

I want to ask, in my mouth there was a small lump in my lower mouth and it didn’t hurt for about a month. Is that a sign of oral cancer or not?

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Hello Anisadiya, thank you for asking the Team.

Lump is an abnormal cell growth in the body. These lumps can be benign or vicious. Benign lumps are generally harmless and can heal on their own, whereas lumps that are malignant or cancer usually enlarge progressively, the boundaries are not firm, or accompanied by signs of inflammation such as pain, redness, swelling, festering, difficulty opening the mouth, difficulty swallowing, etc. . Some diseases that can cause lumps in the lower mouth include:

Ranula, a benign tumor in the form of a sac that is formed by obstruction of the salivary glands and filled with fluid, varies in size, is located at the bottom of the mouth, and does not cause pain.
Mucocele, which is a fluid-filled sac that is non-malignant, located in the salivary glands in the oral cavity, on the lips, under the tongue, palate, inner cheeks, and others.
Salivary gland malignancy
Aloe Cancer
and others

Although benign lumps such as ranula and mucocele are harmless, they can interfere with one's comfort so that sometimes special handling is needed to overcome the condition. To find out the condition of the lump, it is better to do an examination directly to the doctor, so that the doctor can see the characteristics of the lump, ask for clinical conditions related to the lump, and carry out several additional examinations if needed. Handling will be adjusted to the underlying conditions, the doctor may be able to give medicines to surgical procedures. To reduce complaints and prevent complaints from reappearing, we recommend:

Avoid squeezing or breaking the lump in any way
Always maintain oral hygiene, brush your teeth regularly, at least 2 times a day, after eating and before going to sleep
Use dental floss or dental floss to clean between your teeth
Avoid too often consuming sweet and sticky foods
Drink enough water, at least 2 L per day.
Eat healthy and nutritious food
Enough rest
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

Hope this helps.

Greetings, Dr. Nova

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