Lump Under The Jaw?

Illustration of Lump Under The Jaw?
Illustration: Lump Under The Jaw?

Hello. I want to ask you, the last few days I have had pain in the lower part of my left jaw. Just now I accidentally found a lump in the sore spot. I wonder why? nThank you ,.

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Hi Kdhrw,

Thank you for asking

Pain under the jaw with the appearance of a lump can be a sign of lymphadenitis, which is inflammation of the lymph nodes. This inflammation can occur primarily, namely in the lymph nodes themselves, or it can be a secondary effect of other organs whose lymphatic drainage leads to lymph nodes in the jaw area, for example inflammation in the area of ​​the head, mouth, ears, neck, or also lungs. The trigger for this inflammation can be due to infection with tuberculosis, cytomegalovirus, syphilis, HIV / AIDS, and so on. Typically, lumps that arise due to lymphadenitis are perfectly round, resembling marbles, have a supple consistency, do not enlarge (maximum 1 to 2 cm), are easy to move, and often cause pain, especially when inflamed.

In addition to lymphadenitis, it can also be pain and a lump under your jaw due to other factors, for example:

Parotitis (mumps, salivary gland infection) Skin infections, for example folliculitis (hair root infection) Cellulitis (soft tissue infection) Lymphadenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes) due to other causes, such as tumors, cat scratches enlargement of the thyroid gland, for example due to thyroiditis, autoimmune disorders , nodules, cancer Tonsillopharyngitis (inflammation of the tonsils and throat) Sebaceous cysts (fluid-filled sacs that come from the abnormal proliferation of oil glands), etc. These lumps and pain can be mild, but can also be dangerous. You should check your complaint directly with the doctor so that an in-depth evaluation is carried out, not only through a physical examination, but also by ultrasound, blood tests, and tissue biopsy. Treatment will be adjusted to the cause of the lump, perhaps through drug administration, surgery, or other therapeutic modalities.

In the meantime, to reduce pain, try using a warm compress first or taking paraceramol drugs. Avoid pressing too often, let alone massaging the lumps that appear. Take a bath regularly to maintain personal hygiene. Also keep your immune system through eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, staying away from smoking, and taking regular breaks.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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