Lumps Above The Ear Lobe That Are Getting Bigger?

Illustration of Lumps Above The Ear Lobe That Are Getting Bigger?
Illustration: Lumps Above The Ear Lobe That Are Getting Bigger?

morning. r nI want to ask about the lump on the earlobe of my husband which was originally only as big as grimace 3 years ago and within 3 months ago it started to get bigger. indeed, before the operation did not feel any pain or pain. but after the operation a month ago and until now I feel pain and still oozing pus. it looks like there is no progress in the scar of the operation. the surgical wound also never closes even though the surgical thread has been removed and my husband also routinely controls once every 3 days to the doctor. r n now In fact, a small lump grew near the scar. Please advise what to do for my husband’s recovery.

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Hi Ren,

Thank you for asking

Need to clarify, how big is the size of the lump above your husband's ear at this time? What's the consistency like? Has your husband also had a fever, drastic weight loss, or other complaints? So, what tests has your husband undergone to find out the cause of his lump?

A lump on the earlobe that is painful and contains pus, most likely indicates an infection (abscess, folliculitis, boil). This infection usually occurs initially because there is an open wound that is not properly treated. As a result, bacteria from the surface of the skin can enter and multiply, causing inflammation. This inflammation will lead to the appearance of swelling (lumps), pain, warmth, redness, and abnormal discharge (pus). In severe enough infections, sufferers can also experience fever because of the systemic inflammation it causes.

Not only that, it could also be, this infection around the ear occurs secondary to other lumps that are not properly treated, for example due to benign or malignant tumors (for example, due to benign or malignant tumors (for example, dermoid cysts, sebaceous cysts, lipomas, sarcomas, melanomas), contact dermatitis, and so.

Our advice is that you check your husband again with a specialist surgeon. Determination of the best treatment for a lump must be adjusted to the cause of the lump, its size, the influence of the lump in causing damage to the surrounding tissue, the patient's general health condition, and various other factors. It is possible, if deemed necessary, the doctor will perform another operation, along with other therapeutic modalities, such as giving antibiotics, and so on. Or, the doctor takes a tissue sample from the lump that appears (biopsy) so that an examination can be done to evaluate the types of cells that make up the lump.

In the meantime, your husband should not hold the lump in his ear with any non-sterile instrument. Help him clean the pus in the lump using a clean gauze soaked with NaCl liquid. Do this cleaning regularly 2 times a day while pressing a little (don't rub it too much) so that the pus and debris from other infections can be clean. Avoid consuming drugs carelessly unless prescribed directly by a doctor. Increase endurance, namely by consuming lots of foods with high nutritional value, balanced with vegetables, fruit, and water. If the pain is severe, you can give your husband paracetamol medicine to reduce the pain.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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