Lumps Appear Like Boils On The Right Labia Minora

Illustration of Lumps Appear Like Boils On The Right Labia Minora
Illustration: Lumps Appear Like Boils On The Right Labia Minora

Afternoon dock. My name is Vitara, I am still 22 years old. From 5 days ago in the vagina precisely on the left labia minora I was in pain. After that it swells and aches. I can’t do my usual activities doc. After that I try to check myself by photographing my pubic area. It turned out that my labia minora was very swollen and my inner labia minora had red bumps and eyes. Is this a boil doc? Then how to deal with it, and what ointments / drugs that are safe to use to treat. Thank you dock

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Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

The condition of lumps appearing on the skin in the genitals can occur due to several things like

Bartolin cysts where this can usually be enlarged and filled with fluid initially does not hurt but if it is accompanied by an infection called an abscess it can be accompanied by pain
Genital warts this is a sexually transmitted disease usually occurs a lump that can spread to the area around the anus
Fordyce spots are usually small points and this is normal after puberty to adulthood

This you can try to overcome with a number of things like

Compress with warm water
Avoid pressing or breaking down
Use clothes that are not damp
Pain medications can help such as paracetamol or consider antibiotic ointments such as bacitracin if there is an infection but it is best to consult a doctor

If within 5 days the condition does not improve, itching, enlarged pain should consult a skin specialist doctor.

Thus information may be useful

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