Lumps Appear On Former Immunization Injections?

Hello …… I have a lump in my arm ….. And it’s getting bigger … And sometimes there is feeling pain … If there’s no mistake this is an injection of immunization r nAnd it’s been there for years years r nHow is it treated? r nIs it dangerous?

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Some types of vaccines are often injected in the arm area. Generally, after the injection, there will be no significant complaints, but only in the form of pain, redness, and also swelling that will improve by itself several days after the vaccination. However, in a small number of people, the former location of the injection of this vaccine can form a lump. The cause is usually associated with excessive scar tissue growth after injury or inflammation, or often referred to as keloids. Lumps that arise due to keloids are often of a springy consistency, dark in color (brown or blackish), can widen far beyond the size of the original wound or inflammation. Lumps due to keloids can also be painful (in mild intensity), especially if you have a secondary infection or if excessive movement is carried out involving the side of the body where the keloid is growing. This pain arises because the nature of scar tissue is less elastic when compared with normal skin cells so it is less able to accommodate excessive movement.

In addition to keloids, it may also be a lump at the site of the vaccination that you have experienced from other causes, such as skin infections (eg folliculitis, warts, acne), skin tumors (for example sebaceous cysts, lipomas, epidermoid cysts, melanomas), arm injuries, and so.

Given these lumps have appeared for years, you should consult your doctor directly or a dermatologist to identify the cause. Usually, just by looking directly, the doctor is able to determine the right treatment. However, if deemed necessary, the doctor can also confirm the results of these observations with supporting tests, for example a biopsy, and so on. Whether or not the bump you are experiencing depends on the underlying cause.

At this time, to reduce the pain you feel, you should first compress the lump with warm water or apply a pain reliever cream (such as those containing paracetamol). It is not recommended to gouge, squeeze, or provide other treatments carelessly for lumps that appear, unless it is recommended directly by a doctor. Do not forget, improve your personal hygiene, for example by diligent bathing, wear clean clothes, and do not hold lumps with dirty hands.

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