Lumps In The Breast And Feels Sore?

Illustration of Lumps In The Breast And Feels Sore?
Illustration: Lumps In The Breast And Feels Sore?

, I just had a lump surgery on the right breast last October, the size of which is 2cm, but the lab results haven’t been released. And now on my left breast there is a lump again and it hurts when it comes to menses. Can I go back to surgery while the previous lab results haven’t come out?

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Hi Jait,

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The lumps on your right and left breast can be caused by the same trigger, or different. Ideally, a comprehensive examination is needed, not only from interviews and ordinary physical examinations, but also with supporting examinations, for example X-rays, ultrasound, biopsy, to mammography to identify the cause of the lump. After that, then appropriate treatment can be done, whether it is enough with surgery, drug administration, or other therapeutic modalities, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and so on.

Here are some possible causes of lumps in your breasts:

Fibrocystic changes (associated with the proliferation of cells in the breast following the menstrual cycle) infections, such as abscesses, mastitis, tuberculosis. Benign or malignant tumors, such as fibroadenomas, cysts, cancer Lymphadenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes) Keloid (excessive growth of post-inflammatory scar tissue), and etc. Pain that is felt in your breast lump just before menstruation may indicate something benign, which is related to fibrocystic changes. However, other possible causes of lumps, ranging from mild to dangerous, as mentioned above, still cannot be ruled out if the results of your examination have not come out completely.

Therefore, you should consult directly with the surgeon who treats you regarding the best handling procedures for the lumps in your breasts. In the meantime, it is advisable to improve the cleanliness of your breast area properly, by always taking a shower regularly and wearing a clean bra. . Avoid over-manipulating the lump in the breast, whether it be pressing or applying any kind of treatment. If the lump is painful, you can compress it with warm water. Do not forget, multiply the consumption of vegetables, fruit and other antioxidants in order to minimize the potential for malignancy around the breasts.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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