Lumps In The Breast Appear After Menstruation?

Illustration of Lumps In The Breast Appear After Menstruation?
Illustration: Lumps In The Breast Appear After Menstruation?

hi dokk, I want to ask about the lump in my mother’s breast, she said the lump was moving and there was pain in her chest, and the lump appeared after the completion of her menstrual period, she said, and my mother took medicine or hormone fluid which she said for a period increase the bone hormones given by my sister, does the lump come from the hormone drug or something else? is it safe and doesn’t cause problems? thank you.

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Hi Alif,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, what hormone medicines did your mother consume so far? Is the consumption recommended directly by the doctor? What kind of bone problems did your mother experience before?

The appearance of a lump in the breast that is easily moved and feels painful can come from many factors, including fibrocystic changes, fibroadenomas, breast cysts, breast abscesses, breast cancer, breast skin infections, skin tumors around the breast, keloids, lymphadenitis, and so on. Each of the possible causes of breast lumps above can have different triggers. Some of the possible causes of these lumps can indeed occur related to the consumption of hormonal drugs, especially those made from synthetic reproductive hormones. However, without knowing exactly what hormonal drugs your mother has taken so far, we are not in a position to judge the possibility of their association.

Whether or not your mother's condition is safe can only be known through a direct doctor's examination. Therefore, before your mother's condition gets worse, you should take her to see a doctor or a surgeon, right? Further examinations such as ultrasound, biopsy, laboratory, x-ray, CT scan, etc. can also be done by a doctor if deemed necessary. As for what handling will be given later can vary depending on the cause of the lump.

It is safer, now you urge your mother not to take any drugs or supplements before consulting her directly. Also ask your mother not to over-press the lumps that appear on her breasts. If the lump feels painful, your mother can first compress it with warm water. Bathe diligently and always use a clean bra so that breast hygiene is always maintained. Do not forget, always accompany your mother to live a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid the risk of dangerous diseases in the breast and bones.

Hope this helps ...

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