Lumps In The Breast During Fever In Nursing Mothers?

Illustration of Lumps In The Breast During Fever In Nursing Mothers?
Illustration: Lumps In The Breast During Fever In Nursing Mothers?

The night my mother was breastfeeding for 2 days there was a lump in my breast and the lump appeared at the same time I had a fever. What do you think is the lump?

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Thank you for asking I am dr. Princess Claudya will answer your questions.

Given your exposure to breastfeeding, breast lumps, and fever, chances are that your lump is infected breast milk causing fever. If the cause is true, and not treated, the complication could be a breast abscess, which is pus that forms in the breast due to an infection that is not treated immediately. This condition causes pain on the touch and redness of the skin around it. This collected pus can also cause a lump-like sensation in the breast.

In addition, breast lumps can also be caused by:

Fibroadenoma mammae (FAM): a benign lump, tender to the touch, not painful, and the lump can be moved

Fibrocystic lesion: a lump that appears during menstruation, painful and hard on the touch
Phyloides tumor: a benign lump that quickly grows large, hard on the touch
Breast cancer: is malignant, quickly enlarges, hard on the touch, cannot be moved. There can be other symptoms in the form of sores on the breasts, white pus, orange peel-like skin, and lumps in the armpits

To determine the cause of the lump, you should check with a surgeon for further examination. If necessary, the doctor will perform a biopsy, mamugraphy, or ultrasound to trace the exact cause of the lump. And after that the doctor will provide treatment for your complaint according to the underlying conditions.

Things you can do to improve and prevent worsening of your disease are:

If it hurts, apply warm compresses to the painful area, especially if it is caused by an infection.
Pump out the milk if the complaint is caused by the ASI dam
Use a bra that fits your breast size and is comfortable for you
Avoid consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, saturated fatty foods, foods with a high salt content
Good stress management, for example by relaxing or doing a hobby that you enjoy doing
Perform a breast self-exam (BSE) for initial screening for benign or malignant breast lumps
You can take over-the-counter drugs such as paracetamol to relieve your fever

That is the explanation from me. Hopefully helpful and useful. Get better soon :)


dr. Princess Claudya

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