Lumps In The Left Neck Accompanied Easily Tired And Sweat At Night?

Illustration of Lumps In The Left Neck Accompanied Easily Tired And Sweat At Night?
Illustration: Lumps In The Left Neck Accompanied Easily Tired And Sweat At Night?

If I have 2 lumps on the left side he is often tired, sleepy excess, excessive sweating especially at night. If I have a KGB or thyroid disease, it may not be compressed with warm water.

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Hello Dek Ghita, thank you for asking

Neck lumps can be caused by various possibilities, for example:

Lymphadenopathy, which is enlargement of lymph nodes (KGB) due to infection, such as tuberculosis (TB) infection, other bacterial infections such as sore throat can also cause enlargement or swelling of the KGB
Thyroid or thyroid nodule is a thyroid disease or lump that appears on the thyroid gland located in the front of the neck
Lipomas, lumps or benign tumors that contain fat content

Warm water compress is widely used to reduce a symptom, actually there is no problem if you want to compress parts of the body that are felt uncomfortable, including bumps. To note that warm compresses can usually help to reduce symptoms such as pain or pain. Besides warm compresses can also be used for conditions such as:

Stiff joints due to arthritis.
Headaches caused by tightening of the neck or jaw muscles
Muscle cramps
Chronic pain

But beyond that, what needs to be ensured is to treat a lump in the neck, of course, to treat it, it is necessary to find out what causes the lump in your older brother's neck. Lumps in the neck although most are not dangerous, but some cases can also show a serious medical code and need to be treated.

To find out the cause, you need a direct examination of the lump, and a general physical examination also needs to be asked about your health condition such as the presence or absence of other complaints such as coughing, weight loss, night sweats, smoking history and so on.

Weight loss, fatigue, and night sweats may be caused by TB germ infection or tuberculosis. Therefore, if your sister feels the complaint is recommended separately check the health condition to the doctor. So that doctors can check your condition so that you can be given the right therapy.

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful.

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