Lumps In The Neck That Did Not Heal Despite Being Treated?

Illustration of Lumps In The Neck That Did Not Heal Despite Being Treated?
Illustration: Lumps In The Neck That Did Not Heal Despite Being Treated?

Hello, Goodnight doctor, I am Yulia, want to ask, My friend had a lump in the neck, one month ago was examined by a specialist general surgeon, he said he was infected with glandular swelling alone, and had been given medicine too, but until now he had not the lump is gone, but it’s flat and not painful. Initially the lump was soft as there was liquid inside, but now the lump has turned hard but has shrunk. If you may know, is it dangerous or not?

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Hi Yulia,

Thank you for asking

Swelling of the lymph nodes due to infection in the medical realm is called lymphadenitis. This condition is indeed one of the most common causes of lumps in the neck area. Frequently, lymphadenitis will appear as a small lump the size of a marble, with consistency that is springy, easy to move, feels painful, feels warm, and can swell even festering when inflamed or have a secondary infection. Lymphadenitis sufferers often also experience fever, chills, excessive sweating, weakness, decreased appetite, and various other complaints. There are various types of microorganisms that can cause lymphadenitis, some of the most common examples are tuberculosis, measles, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, HIV, and so on. Depending on the cause, this condition is mild, but can also be dangerous.

With good handling and endurance, often, lymphadenitis is not a disease that can not be cured. As for what is the proper way of handling for patients with lymphadenitis can vary depending on the cause, can be in the form of drugs, surgery, or other medical measures. Doctors or doctors specializing in internal medicine who examine you directly certainly better understand the best management that needs to be done.

Not only lymphadenitis, lymph nodes in the neck can also swell due to other causes, for example abnormalities of the immune system (for example in patients with lupus or rheumatoid arthritis), malignancy (for example lymphoma or leukemia), side effects of drugs, and so on. If you feel your complaint has not improved after undergoing medical treatment, we recommend that you check yourself back to the doctor so that a more in-depth evaluation is carried out. Some types of tests, including laboratory tests, biopsies, x-rays, ultrasound, etc. may be done by a doctor before giving you treatment.

At this time, you can do the following:

Do not hold lumps in the neck with dirty hands
Do not squeeze or force-pick a lump on the neck
Clean and diligent toiletries
Rest more regularly, eat nutritious foods, and exercise regularly so that your immune system is more awake
Do not carelessly give medication to the lump without doctor's advice

Hope this helps ...

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