Lumps In The Scrotum When Straining?

Illustration of Lumps In The Scrotum When Straining?
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Sorry to ask a few weeks ago, when I felt like I had to defecate, it felt like something was going down my left scrotum when I strained, and I felt discomfort in the scrotum, and when I touched it, it felt like there were hard veins and 1-2 cm wavy, early. I thought it was a hernia, I was treated and the doctor said it was suspected to be a varicocele, but no veins appeared in my scrotum, only when I touched it I felt it, please help, is it really a varicocele or what disease, and how to treat it, thank you

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Lumps in the scrotum that appear when straining can indeed be caused by a hernia or varicocele. If the lump feels like a collection of worms in the scrotum, chances are the lump is a varicocele. Varicoceles can be classified according to their size and severity:

Grade I varicocele, i.e. varicocele that can only be palpated when the Valsalva maneuver is performed (covering the nose and blowing hard) or by pushing hard through the skin of the scrotum without being palpated Subclinical varicocele, which is a varicocele that cannot be seen or palpated clinically, and is only detected using Doppler ultrasound. Therefore, it's a good idea to go back to a general practitioner or urology specialist.

In most people, varicocele conditions do not require therapy because they do not cause certain problems or symptoms. In a small number of people, varicocele can provide symptoms such as pain and can cause fertility problems and impaired testicular growth (in children and adolescents). If you feel disturbed by this condition, the doctor may suggest several types of therapy, such as:

administration of painkillers surgery to reduce blood flow to the enlarged veins in the scrotum embolization therapy You can discuss further about the most appropriate treatment for your condition with the doctor who treats you.

Here is an article that you can read about varicoceles

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