Lumps, Lymph Nodes, Enlarge During Coughing And Fever?

Illustration of Lumps, Lymph Nodes, Enlarge During Coughing And Fever?
Illustration: Lumps, Lymph Nodes, Enlarge During Coughing And Fever?

I want to ask, I have a lump in my neck and the doctor said it was a lymph node. I have been treated at elementary school / junior high school and took medicine, then a few months later the doctor said that my lymph nodes were benign / normal and did not need to take medication. But every time I got sick like coughing, sore throat, fever, etc., my lump got bigger and when it healed the lump got smaller. Is this normal? And can these lumps disappear / heal completely? Thanks.

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Hello Leannchristyy,

Lymph nodes exist in several parts of the body, some of which are located around the neck and around the ears. Swollen lymph nodes can occur when the body has an infection. When there is an infection in the throat, ear infection, and flu, the lymph nodes in the neck area can become enlarged and feel like a lump. After the infection subsides, the lymph nodes will return to normal or the lumps will shrink.

However, apart from the above infections, the presence of lumps / swelling of the lymph nodes also needs to be watched out for due to other more serious things such as tuberculosis (glandular TB) infection, autoimmune diseases, and cancer / malignancy. Sometimes swollen lymph nodes can also be caused by side effects of drugs such as anticonvulsants and typhoid vaccines.

If you have checked and it is found that the lump is due to an infection alone, then you don't need to worry. When an infection occurs, the body will fight the infection, one of which is by producing immune cells. When too many immune cells are produced, the lymph nodes will enlarge / swell so that a lump is felt. This means that when the infection has improved, the size of the lymph nodes will return to normal.

What needs to be considered is if the lymph nodes swell for no apparent reason, more than 2 weeks, keep getting bigger, hard, cannot be shaken, and if you experience sores / ulcers in the gland. If there is this, I suggest that you check with your doctor directly so that you can do further tests to determine the cause of the lump / swelling of the lymph nodes you are experiencing. If necessary, the doctor can perform additional examinations with ultrasound, blood tests, biopsy, CT scan, or MRI to help confirm the diagnosis. Furthermore, if a specific cause is found, the doctor will provide treatment according to the results of your examination.

To prevent swollen lymph nodes, you should increase your immune system by adopting a healthy lifestyle as follows:

Regular exercise
Get enough rest
Drink a lot of water
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Don't stay up late
Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages
Manage stress well

Hope it can help you,

Thank you

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