Lumps Move On The Skin?

Illustration of Lumps Move On The Skin?
Illustration: Lumps Move On The Skin?

, I lately often appear long lumps like claw marks, but it does not feel painful or itchy, lumps appear move around and 10-15 minutes disappear without a trace ,, the frequency of appearance 1-2 times a day

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Hello Ahmad, Thank you for the question.

Where is the location of the skin disorder you mentioned? Did you think there was a trigger before? Your symptoms can be caused by:

 biduran, which is a reddish rash that feels itchy or sore usually arises because of an allergic reaction to scabies, which is a skin infection due to mites Sarcoptes scabiei cutaneous larva migrans Each skin disorder has different characteristics. Therefore, to ascertain the cause, the best step is to consult a dermatologist directly when this reddish rash appears, especially if this complaint has occurred a long time or repeatedly. The doctor needs to re-ask about your symptoms and examine your skin. After making sure the new doctor can provide treatment that is appropriate for you. For now, please keep your body clean by bathing regularly twice a day. You are also advised to maintain the cleanliness of the house and bedroom and diligently washing bed linen, pillowcases and bolsters, as well as blankets with hot water then dried in the sun. Get used to also always wear footwear when traveling outside the home. Also try to recognize the triggers of these symptoms and avoid them.

I hope this helps.

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