Lumps Of Meat Or Other Lumps In The Vagina.?

Illustration of Lumps Of Meat Or Other Lumps In The Vagina.?
Illustration: Lumps Of Meat Or Other Lumps In The Vagina.?

. I want to ask. If you grow a kind of veins or warts that can be pulled on the lips of the vagina can you say genital warts? And is it dangerous? Because I feel that my vaginal lips are thick and a little rough right now

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Hello Dian, Thank you for the question.

Are your complaints in the form of lumps of meat or other lumps? Have you checked your skin specialist and doctor to determine the cause? Further examination by a doctor is needed to ascertain the cause of your complaint and to ascertain whether this complaint is dangerous or not.

Some causes of complaints that you submit are:

genital warts, is one of the sexually transmitted infections caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) infection through sexual contact; with the appearance of lumps that resemble skin color or darker skin tags, i.e. growth of flesh on the surface of the skin and resembles warts genital herpes molluscum contagiosum Please consult with your skin and genital specialist directly because to ascertain what condition you are experiencing the doctor needs to ask about your complaints and do a direct examination of your genital area. After determining the cause, the doctor will determine the next treatment for you. The following tips can also help you maintain the health of your reproductive organs:

avoid free sexual relations, avoid multiple partners; if not possible, use safeguards when having sex to prevent sexually transmitted infections. avoid using tight pants, always wear clean, dry underwear that absorbs sweat easily, avoid using feminine cleansing soap regularly. Hopefully this information is useful.

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