Lumps On The Armpits?

Illustration of Lumps On The Armpits?
Illustration: Lumps On The Armpits?

Good morning, best wishes .. I want to ask about the bumps in my wife’s armpits, my lumps as big as marbles are not visible but felt when touched, hard and slightly painful. please advise and enlightenment. thank you

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Lumps in the armpits can mean many things, including:

Mammae abberans or mammae assesoria, an additional breast gland condition that appears elsewhere

Acne inversa or hidradenitis suppurativa, a condition of blocked hair follicles or sweat glands
Swollen lymph nodes

Lipoma or abnormal growth of fat glands
Tumor or cancer

Among all these conditions, it is indeed difficult to distinguish if without a direct inspection. Some are dangerous and some are not, and usually the dangerous ones enlarge rapidly, bleed, change the appearance of the surrounding skin, hard, painful and when touched the surface is not smooth or bumpy.

Our advice, you should check your wife to a general practitioner first or may go directly to the surgeon. Even if you go to the surgeon, your wife may not be dissected, what is needed there is a diagnosis. If your wife is afraid of surgery, and you want to have non-surgical treatment first, your wife may present it to the doctor who treats it. But the point is, what is needed is a first inspection, and treatment options.

Meanwhile, there is no need to touch or touch the lump, and if it hurts, take pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs that are sold freely by reading the rules of use listed. So, hopefully answering your question.

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