Lumps On The Missing Neck Reappear.?

Illustration of Lumps On The Missing Neck Reappear.?
Illustration: Lumps On The Missing Neck Reappear.?

Hello, I’m a 26-year-old male. I recently experienced a lump in the left side of the neck slightly back (precisely below the ear, 2cm slightly back). Previously I had experienced the same swelling and in the same place when I was in middle school and that time came after I intensely practiced archery. After I stopped archery, the lump disappeared, and only appeared again in about 2 days. The size of the lump is as wide as a nail of the thumb and can shift when pressed but there is no pain at all. My question is, is that a bump? And please explain how a lump that has disappeared for years has appeared again in the same place and size. Thank you

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Hello Juneewijaya, thank you for asking

To determine the type of lump that occurs and whether or not the condition is dangerous, further examination is required, for example a direct physical examination on the lump, such as its location, size, consistency, boundary, surface, mobility, pain or not. In addition, other supporting examinations are needed, for example radiological examinations if needed.

Some conditions that can cause a lump in the neck are:

Lipoma lymphadenopathy, a benign type of tummy containing fat, will usually be soft and easy to move, painless cysts, ie fluid-filled lumps that can disappear on their own without requiring any particular treatment or treatment. Neck cysts are usually soft and painless. Other benign tumors that are often the cause of lumps in the neck are lymphadenopathy. Lymphadenopathy is the swelling of the latex being (KGB). The normal KGB is indeed there almost all over the body. KGB is also found in the neck area, under the surface of the skin. Normally this KGB does not enlarge and cannot be touched. However, the KGB can enlarge in a number of conditions, for example if you are experiencing an infection. Possible infections such as respiratory infections such as throat inflammation, flu or colds, ear infections, or other parts of the neck. In most cases, this condition is not dangerous and is not a serious disease. The lump will disappear by itself if the source of the infection is cured.

If previously it was a lump that disappeared on its own the condition can still be possible swelling of the KGB, which can disappear itself if the source of infection has healed. Therefore it is necessary to further interview your medical history as there are no other complaints such as cough, fever, runny nose, is there any weight loss and so on.

More articles about: Various Causes of Lumps in the Neck

These various conditions can indeed cause the appearance of a lump in the neck. However, you should consult a doctor if a lump appears:

No known cause. Not disappear after 2 weeks. The size is getting bigger. It feels painful and red. Feels hard Bloody turns into open sores Has weight loss To further determine the cause of the lump or whether the lump is dangerous or not, the doctor will conduct a physical examination and supporting examinations such as a complete blood examination, X-ray, ultrasound, CT-scan or MRI of the head and neck if biopsy is needed and important to determine whether the lump is a malignant or benign cell. and further treatment will be done depending on the cause.

But you should not have to worry too much before seeing a doctor, because most cases this condition is not dangerous if treated and the cause is known.

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