Lumps On The Roof Of The Mouth?

Illustration of Lumps On The Roof Of The Mouth?
Illustration: Lumps On The Roof Of The Mouth? Bing

at night. I want to ask, I have a lump on my palate and my tongue feels bitter, my lips often feel dry and spicy and my right throat hurts a little when I swallow. In addition, the right nose is also often clogged. Is there a certain disease that I suffer from? Please explain. Thank you for your attention

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Hi Mawadahfebriani,

A lump on the roof of the mouth can be caused by a number of things, such as:

- a bony protrusion on the roof of the mouth, known as the torus palatinus, which may go away on its own

- protrusion due to irritation such as fibroma

- malignancies such as oral cancer, this cancer can spread throughout the tissues in the mouth or through the lymph nodes. Symptoms can include: canker sores that don't go away, red/white patches in the mouth, lumps in the mouth that haven't gone away for a long time, pain in the mouth, especially the tongue, difficulty swallowing and chewing, missing teeth for no apparent reason, voice changes, jaw feeling. stiff and sore throat

- protrusion due to blockage of salivary glands called mucocele

To be able to confirm these complaints, I suggest you to immediately consult a dentist or ENT specialist, so that a follow-up examination can be carried out as well as the right therapy. It is better not to let the complaint drag on to minimize the risk of serious complications.

You should do things like the following at home, namely:

- keep your mouth clean

- stay away from cigarettes

- fulfill the intake of good nutrition for the immune system

- you should eat soft food first

- avoid alcoholic drinks

- check your teeth regularly

That's my explanation. Hopefully useful and get well soon. Thank you

Regards, dr. Valan Tauran

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