Lumps On The Thighs That Have Not Grown In Size And Have Been For Years?

hello I want to ask on my thighs there is a small lump I just realized if on my thighs there was a lump from middle school and now I have graduated from vocational school but the bumps don’t change in size that much – if I hold it or sign it doesn’t hurt just like it tickles what is that bump?

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Good evening, thanks for the question

All abnormal lumps in the body are called tumors. Tumors can be malignant or benign based on clinical symptoms that exist as well as the type of cell observed through microscopic examination.

Benign tumors have a size that does not enlarge progressively, does not spread to other organs, and does not cause other specific symptoms besides cosmetic problems.

Some types of benign tumors include:

1. Adenoma: formed from a layer that covers glands, organs or other internal organs. For example polyps in the intestine.

2. Lipoma: comes from fatty tissue under the skin and is the most common benign tumor. Can be found on the back, arms, or neck. Round, soft, and can be moved under the skin (mobile).

2. Myoma: formed from muscle tissue. Can form in soft muscles such as in the uterus orgasm.

3. Nevus: referred to as a mole or birthmark is the growth of melanoblast cells in the skin that are benign.

4. Fibrous: comes from the growth of connective tissue in various organs.

Most cases of benign tumors do not require special measures if there are no symptoms except for cosmetic problems. The doctor will monitor the growth of benign tumors, because in some cases benign tumors can develop into cancer such as polyps in the large intestine.

To find out the type and origin of the lump that you are complaining about should consult a doctor so that further examination can be done.

That's all, hope you can help

Wassalam, Dr. Farah

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