Lung And Stomach Acid Gas?

Illustration of Lung And Stomach Acid Gas?
Illustration: Lung And Stomach Acid Gas?


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There is a history of stomach disorders and when you feel tightness because you feel there is fluid in your lungs, then this can cause complaints of tightness that you feel. However, to be sure, if there is indeed a lung disorder or indeed there is fluid in your lungs.

In general, patients with complaints of shortness, can feel the existence of additional breath sounds, either in the form of a ngik ngik sound or other additional sounds. Fluid in the lungs or the lining of the lungs can cause additional sounds in the form of crackles sound. This pulmonary cracking sound can give a picture of a lung infection or inflammation of the bronchi, alveoli, and lungs of the patient. Can also give an indication of pulmonary edema or fluid in the lungs that shows the presence of distress syndrome in the lungs. Patients may experience complaints of tightness, cold sweat, coughing, chest pain, weight loss, fever or coughing up blood can accompany. However, all of this cannot be known solely based on information, physical examination and additional investigations such as blood and radiology are required.

Some of the conditions below can provide additional sound to the lungs during breathing, such as:

 Asthma Pulmonary Fungal Infections Tuberculosis Viral infections in the lungs Pneumonia or bacterial lung infections While there is a history of stomach disorders that you experience, it can aggravate complaints of coughing or disturbances in your respiratory tract of the throat. So that if you do feel gastric disorders right now, then you should also do gastric disorders. Maintaining healthy eating habits, avoiding stress and getting enough rest are simple steps to help recover your stomach complaints. Thus, if your stomach disorders improve, the lung recovery process can also work well.

Discuss with your doctor or your lung specialist. The doctor will conduct a complete evaluation and examination, so it is hoped that it can help ascertain the cause of the complaint you are feeling. If your doctor really makes sure your condition needs to be observed or treated directly in the hospital, then you can continue the doctor's plan to help reduce complaints of tightness and restore your condition. If the results of the doctor's examination confirm that home care and re-control can help with treatment, then this step will be taken by your doctor for your treatment. Thus, whatever the doctor's plan is based on the results obtained, then you should continue.

For the independent business you can do to help with this recovery are:

 Avoid sleeping late Avoid physical fatigue Avoid fried foods, spicy, oily, or instant food Enough water Do exercise breathing to help control complaints of tightness You can also breathe warm steam from hot water to help loosen your breath Thus the info we can convey.

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