Lung CT Scan Under There Liquid?

Illustration of Lung CT Scan Under There Liquid?
Illustration: Lung CT Scan Under There Liquid?

Hello, I’m Vani. About a year ago I went to the clinic, because my right back felt chest pain and then the doctor suggested an x-ray and the result was fluid under the lungs and then I went to the hospital. At the hospital I was told to have a blood test and a phlegm test. This d phlegm test I could not expel the phlegm because I did not cough, finally I did not continue. For this week, I have a chest pain like a cold, but I have no cough, fever, etc. What do I have to do with the fluid under my lungs. ? thank you

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Good evening Vani, thank you for asking at The condition that you are now experiencing with chest pain, can or may not be related to the results of the x-ray test that you did some time ago.

Because indeed the two possibilities that could have happened, the first is the present condition is a condition that is completely different, and the second is the present condition is a worsening of the conditions that were not handled properly. This cannot be ascertained without direct inspection.

Therefore, we recommend that you consult your doctor for a history, physical examination and support in the form of chest X-ray again to compare the results now with a year ago. The result could later be unrelated and caused by stomach acid disease or heart problems, and could be related, for example, caused by tuberculosis infection or pneumonia. The handling that you will receive later depends on the results of this inspection.

As an additional appeal, given the current condition of the world and Indonesia, which is experiencing a corona outbreak, if your complaints are still rare and not too disturbing, you might be able to postpone seeing a doctor until the situation becomes more conducive. But if you feel the symptoms are worsening, it is very annoying or you are worried about your condition, then it is not a problem to be examined immediately. What is clear, whatever your decision later, avoid traveling outside the house for something that is not important, routine hand washing, and maintain endurance by eating high nutritious food, adequate rest and meet the needs of fluids. So, hopefully answering your question.

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